The first print I'm releasing is something that I started in June last year just as a personal project. 

Looking at the mountain of popular culture based poster and print art that is available now, it struck me how little British inspired work there was out there. The films of Hammer Studios have always had a very special place in my memory vaults so it seemed like a obvious place for me to start to "have a go myself" - and there is nothing more potent to me than Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing's imposing portrayals of Count Dracula and Van Helsing. I was also inspired by Mark Gatiss' excellent History of Horror documentary series - in the first episode he held up a copy of Horror Movies by Alan Frank which I'd owned when I was young and it really set off a wave of nostalgia for me that continues.

A few weeks ago I hit "like" on the Peter Cushing Appreciation Society's Facebook page and through talking with Marcus who runs it, I discovered that the completion of this project has coincided with what will be Peter Cushing's centenary on the 26th May. I'm not a superstitious person but I like the timing!


Adding a new print today. Last year I designed the artwork for The Cranberries album Roses and this is the full image that I produced for the limited edition CD and the vinyl packaging.


I'm a graphic designer and illustrator from the UK. Most of my work is for the music business.

You can see some of my other work at - my ancient and in dire need of an update website.